Chase's Story

"CECO has always provided an environment where Chase feels safe, loved, respected and celebrated! " - Thea, Chase's Mom


How long has Chase been coming to CECO?
This is Chase's second year of Summer Camp! We relocate to Orlando for the entire month so he can attend.

What is one of your family's biggest accomplishments?
We are proud of the fact that throughout our crazy, hectic life we are still able to find time together as a unit. We vacation despite Chase's disability and challenges, which is very rare for some families!

If Chase was a superhero, which one would he be?
Spiderman! I think Chase secretly wishes he had the ability to climb like him.

What are some of the challenges you face as a mom of a child with special needs?
I would say our biggest challenge would be hospital stays for Chase's surgeries, and making time for all of my children.

Why are CECO's programs important to your family?
It is important for two reasons. Chase makes the decision on his own to go each year to camp! We do not decide how he wants to spend his summer. He loves to be out of his wheelchair and gain some independence. It is also important that while Chase is at camp, his sister gets one-on-one time with whichever parent is staying at home with her that week. 

Why is it important that the person reading your story donate to CECO's Superheroes?
Your support to my family is not just donating or supporting a charity. This program is life-changing for our son and our whole family. Opportunities like CECO are very hard to come by, and we never lose sight of that!

Your gift makes a difference. Thank you!

Thank you!