Ciara's Story

"Ciara IS a superhero! Superheroes want to be HER!!!!" - Margot, Ciara's Mom

How long has Ciara been coming to CECO?
We have been coming to CECO since 2003. The fact that CECO existed is what enabled us to leave the northern cold and move here. She had been going to CE when we lived in Illinois. 

What is one of your family's biggest accomplishments?
One of our biggest accomplishments is juggling work and the rest of our family's needs with all that Ciara needs. 

If Ciara was a superhero, which one would she be?
Ciara IS a superhero! Superheroes want to be HER!!!!

What are some of the challenges you face as a mom of a child with special needs?
As the mother of a child with special needs I struggle with balancing her needs and finding and arranging resources with working full time and the rest of my family. 

Why are CECO's programs important to your family?
Without CECO , my daughter would not have blossomed like she has. She was warehoused and physically abused in public school and without CECO I don't know how she would go to school. The entire staff loves and appreciates her and recognizes her intelligence. 

Why is it important that the person reading your story donate to CECO's Superheroes?
Anyone reading this should consider donating to CECO because the programs that they have change lives every day!

Your gift makes a difference. Thank you!

Thank you!