Deanna's Story

"Life may have thrown her some serious blows within a matter of years (and a surgical procedure), but in Deanna's case, it's CECO that's aiding in her healing."  - Alyse, Deanna's Mom

How long has Deanna attended CECO?
Deanna has attended CECO programs for 5 years.

If Deanna was A Superhero, which one would she be, and why?
Batgirl. Many people don't remember or know, but Batgirl in the past, was injured in a fight and was paralyzed. Life may have thrown her some serious blows, but within a matter of years (and the help of a surgical procedure) in Deanna's case, it's CECO that's been aiding in her healing. She recovered from once being considered paraplegic to being totally rehabilitated and back to fighting life's battles and helping others. Just like Batman, Deanna doesn't have any super power, just a huge heart, supernatural spirit and courage/willingness to make someone else's day.

Why are CECO's programs important to your family?
Having a child with Cerebral Palsy is a life-long challenge. We have to encourage Deanna not to be afraid to try harder, push further, do more, to see herself as different, and in some ways better, because the easy way is not an option for her. Things don't come as naturally to her as it does to others, but with CECO and their amazing staff and programs... All Things are Possible. CECO is our family and they make it a point to be where we are and involved in what's important to us.

What are some of the challenges your child or family faces?
It's difficult to provide the best medical services and at the frequency that a child like Deanna needs because while we know our child deserves the best their is a pretty hefty price tag on many of her needed services, procedures, equipment needs, and supply needs. It will possibly be a life long struggle but she's worth every sacrifice, every lost hour of sleep, every ache/pain, every tear, and every minute/dollar earned at work because she repays us with joy-filled smiles, great big belly laughs and tender hugs and kisses.

If you had an opportunity to speak directly to one of our donors or supporters, what would you tell them?
Thank you for being the foundation. We know there aren't too many things in life that are really free but we can't always bare the true cost alone. Thank you for removing this barrier from our child's life so that there is one less obstacle in the way of her achieving her true healing; making her impossibilities... possible!


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