Ryan's Story

"If Ryan were a Superhero, he would be Iron Man. No one can touch his spirit, determination and happiness!" - Allyson, Ryan's Mom


This is Ryan!


Hello! We are Ryan's family. We are mom, dad, 17 year old brother, a 7 year old yellow lab, and of course, Ryan! Ryan is 21 years old. We live is South Florida and although we wish CECO was closer, we are grateful that they are in our state!! We wish that we could attend the full year program, but due to family obligations, summer time is our only opportunity.

Does Ryan Remind You of a Superhero?

If Ryan were a Superhero, he would be Iron Man. No one can touch his spirit, determination and happiness!"

How Long Has Ryan Been At CECO?

Ryan has been participating in CECO's summer program for 8 years and we love every minute of it! We hope CECO is able to develop a program for young adults where we could continue in a full time capacity once Ryan graduates from high school.

What Are Some Of Your Family's Challenges?

One of our challenges is having continuous access to a supportive program that provides Ryan with the chance to develop the skills and confidence he needs to reach his potential. A program like CECO masterfully provides him with the best balance of challenging tasks while offering the support that is necessary to achieve his goals.

How Does Ryan's Personality Shine Through Conductive Education?

Ryan has a great sense of humor and uses that to engage those around him. Ryan works hard and is so proud of the accomplishments he makes during his conductive education activities. His sense of pride and ownership motivates him to keep forging ahead and building on his skills. With the support and instruction from his conductors and the assistants, Ryan has been able continue to master using the gait trainer in home and at school. He enjoys doing tasks and really enjoys the freedom he has to maneuver himself independently while in his gait trainer.


CECO is a one-of-a-kind program that I hope continues to change Ryan's world, however funding for programs that serve young adults are extremely limited. CECO's dream to continue to impact the lives of these special young adults is dependent on the generous support and financial resources from those in the community that can help make a difference !!

Thank you!