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"An entire panel of doctors told us that Henry was never going to walk, talk or sit up. But we know Henry, and that answer wasn’t good enough for us.

We worked hard to relocate to Orlando for an entire month, just so Henry could go to Summer Camp. After 10 days at CECO, I was feeling discouraged. Right after texting my husband the words, ‘I’m not sure that coming here was the right decision,’ I glanced up, and almost fell off my seat – Henry was standing!

He had reached up – further than he had ever reached – and pulled himself up on the side of Charlie’s crib. He was beaming, standing face-to-face with his little brother for the first time. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough. It was amazing.

We can only imagine the progress that Henry would make if he went to school at CECO all year long, and we are trying to find work in Orlando so we can relocate. How can we not give Henry this opportunity?"  

 -  Samantha, Henry's Mom

The Champion Society is a team of core donors whose collective investment is the foundation of our students' success. By committing to three consecutive years of support, Champions make the impossible possible for children and adults with motor disabilities! Anyone can be a Champion...join today!

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